Not all commune/sangkat fund project are eligible for reimbursement from RILGP, all projects/contracts that doesn't match the crucial criteria will be remove from eligible list.

The PID had a built-in screening feature to identify projects/contracts that doesn't compliant to the criteria, however it can only detect whatever the user put into the system. In real world only the province knew the problem/risk during project preparation, procure as well as implmentation. Therefore the PID is designed to give a chance to the province to claim ineligibility of a contract and the PID will make sure the contract will never get reimburse or a reverse is required if the contract was once eligibled.

Contract's List

Province Calendar Year
** This process will take some time to complete; please be patient if you get delay...



   * Data Integrity: For data integrity mistake please revise contract bidding information, contract total cost compare with total cost of output ...
   * Exclude: Some contract had issue which can be detect by the system, it required SPPA to work out with their colleague to exclude those contract from eligible list.